Nintendo will unveil new console next year

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Nintendo will release a new game console next year. The Japanese manufacturer is developing the system, based on a ‘new concept’ for gaming, under the code name NX. Nintendo hasn’t released any more details about the console at this point.

The wording Nintendo used in a press conference about making mobile games makes it seem like the NX in the lineup will be Nintendo’s third proprietary hardware platform, alongside the Wii U, which came out in 2012, and the DS handhelds. The NX would be based on a ‘new’ concept’ and the manufacturer promises to tell more about the console next year. It is unknown when the NX will actually go on sale.

By mentioning the NX, Nintendo is starting to talk about new hardware sooner than it did with the Wii. This is probably due to the disappointing sales of the console. Nintendo has sold about 100 million copies of the Wii, while the Wii U has sold around 9 million units to date.

Update 10:00 am: In addition to the earlier statement, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata reports that the NX will offer an ‘immersive experience’. Manufacturers often refer to virtual reality and VR glasses with these words, because they surround the user in the gameplay.

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