Software update: XnView 2.32

Version 2.32 of XnView has been released. This program opens and converts graphics files in more than 500 different formats. The program is available in more than 40 languages ​​and is free for individuals and non-profit organizations. Normally there are three different versions available: a minimal version, a standard version and a complete version. The difference is in the number of supported formats and whether or not NConvert is included. NConvert has roughly the same functionality as XnView, but can be controlled from the command line. The changelog since version 2.30 looks like this:

2.32 Changelog

  • User plugin & check extension – more info
  • Find similar don’t find duplicates
  • sharpen thumbnails – more info
  • gs subfolder checked – more info
  • Customized data/time variables broken – more info
  • Batch convert use estimated jpeg quality – more info

2.31 Changelog

  • Enlarge zoom quality

Version number 2.32
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website XnView
File size


License type Freeware