This traffic light sees that pedestrians are waiting

Researchers from the Austrian University of Graz have worked on a camera system that can see the difference between pedestrians who want to cross and people who walk by. The intention is to use this for traffic lights.

The idea is that pedestrians do not have to press the button to show that they are waiting. In a matter of seconds, the camera sees whether it is dealing with passers-by or waiting pedestrians, so that the traffic light system gets a signal. Moreover, it is not only a big plus that you no longer have to press the button, which is certainly not an ideal system if you have fear of fear. It probably also means that the traffic light for pedestrians will sooner turn green.

Large groups

And there is more because the camera system can also see how many people are waiting. If that is quite a rush, the system can ensure that the light stays green longer to give everyone enough time to cross the street. Whether that will also succeed in Shibuya, where you will find the largest intersection in the world, that is the question. The cameras are first added to the Vienna traffic light system.