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This Lamborghini Huracam is the fastest camera car ever

All those fantastic films in which cars chase each other at high speed still largely use real cars. Of course, sometimes one is conjured from the computer, but most films à la Fast & Furious still have to drive really hard with real supercars. But yes, how do you film that? With a very fast camera car. The fastest so far was a Ferrari 458 Italia used in Need for Speed ​​as you can see in the video below.


However, a new fastest camera car has been assembled: a Lamborghini Huracan. The company Incline Dynamic specializes in building camera vehicles and if you want to see some cool examples I can recommend you to check out their Instagram feed IDoAerials. But that’s not what it’s about. It is a camera set up in a supercar from Lamborghini, which is appropriately renamed from Huracan to ‘Huracam’.

Make no mistake: here’s more than half a million dollars worth of technology to make sure that the car can not only drive and film at the same time, but also to ensure that the images that come out look better then a GoPro variant glued to the front cover. Of course you also have to ensure that the images are stable and that it is practical for a camera operator (who has to be in the passenger seat) to control the camera, regardless of the movements that the car makes.

It is unclear how much weight has been added to the Huracan by the camera installation, but it probably will not matter that much. The V10 of the Lamborghini might go a little slower, but the top speed of 323 kilometers per hour is still more than enough to keep the cars out of the movies.

It will theoretically be possible to assemble a faster camera car than this, but the number of cars that make this possible is very limited, so for the time being this Huracam will keep the title. Coming to a theater near you soon!

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