‘AMD does not sell 2800X because line-up is currently broad enough’

AMD does not currently appear to be planning to release a Ryzen 7 2800X to follow the 1800X last year. The company thinks that the 2700 and 2700X line-up is wide enough, but seems to hold a possible 2800X.

The existence of a possible Ryzen 7 2800X was discussed during the event around the Ryzen edition. 2000 series suggested by Jim Anderson of AMD, who spoke with DSOgaming . He says that AMD has the idea that the 2700 and 2700X are sufficient to occupy the current price and performance points for the time being.
Anderson indicates that this does not exclude the possibility of a 2800X ever coming on the market. AMD may hold the processor as a competition for the Intel octacoreprocessor for socket 1151 about which rumors are currently circulating.
AMD has released the Ryzen 2000 series this week . Currently only four Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 models have been released with respectively six and eight cores. In addition, two apus with four cores appeared.