This is the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has to make all previous models fade. It is almost a standard text, because the latest device simply has to be the best. With less, Samsung and the consumer market are not satisfied. It is the device that is presented almost as a security by Samsung halfway through the summer. And for those who are not completely clear yet: The Note 9 is just better than the Galaxy S9 . The real difference is and remains the ‘S Pen’. Clumsy perhaps in the beginning, especially if this is new to you, but then you can not and do not want to go without.

We go back in time for a year. In the Park Avenue Armory in New York, Samsung is launching the Galaxy Note 8 . This is the largest and most advanced smartphone from Samsung ever. ‘Do Bigger Things’ was the moto and the device swept away all the misery with its predecessor. The flagship device that you wondered about or can improve afterwards. Enough reason to look at the new Note 9 anyway. Is this really the superlative stage of Samsung’s most advanced smartphone ever?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Note 9 is really big with a 6.4 inch, especially if you compare it with a Galaxy S9. Samsung calls it sleek elegance. We can not deny that it is a nice device.  But beyond the beautiful appearance it is finally about performance and that may be there. The Note is finally made for daily use and very honestly you want the device and always have sufficient battery power, more than enough memory and fast if it needs to be fast. Gamers will be able to confirm the latter.

What’s new about the Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 has a 4,000 mAh battery. That is indeed the biggest battery ever in a Galaxy smartphone. The Note 9 comes with two storage options, 128 and 512 GB of internal memory. With the addition of the microSD card you can even boost your memory to 1 Terrabyte.

The 10 nm processor makes a very powerful smartphone. To cool down this power, but also heat source, the Galaxy Note 9 has a Water Carbon Cooling system developed by Samsung.

The evolution of the S Pen, the extra on the Note 9

The S Pen is characteristic of the Note-series. Started as a tool for writing and drawing and now also an external device which you can use as a remote control (thanks to Bluetooth Low-Energy) when making selfies and other photo-fun. Developers will receive the option later this year to integrate the BLE functionalities into their own applications.

What makes the Note 9 even more special

Most striking is the large 6.4-inch Super Amoled Infinity Display, which is the largest edge-to-edge display of all Notes to date. You really wonder with such a high quality screen with these dimensions what a Tab will add. Good such a Tab is a bit bigger but on the road watching Netflix on this Note 9 is really great because the image quality is phenomenal. The screen is supported by AKG stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos. Fortnite gamers will also be happy because the extremely popular game Fortnite for Android is temporarily available exclusively on the Galaxy Note9.

New camera technology for the Note 9

Was the camera for the Galaxy S9 really great, with the Note 9 goes Samsung just a little further thanks to new functionalities.

New intelligent software allows the camera to analyze images. Think of backgrounds and subjects somewhere in the image of the camera. These images are divided into twenty categories. Based on a specific category, the camera automatically optimizes the photo. Samsung calls the result astonishing but fortunately this function can also be turned off if, as a photographer, you prefer to decide for yourself where you want the focus of the photo.

Conveniently the error detection does not always get to know everyone or see if everything on the picture is okay. Think for example of flashing and closed eyes. The Note 9 immediately recognizes this and lets you know. This also happens when the image is blurred, there is something on the lens or when a backlight reduces the quality of the image. The result is that you can take a new photo. Certainly for those who are less experienced with taking photos an excellent solution.

Samsung claims that the camera on the Galaxy Note 9 is currently the best on the market. The noise reduction goes hand in hand with a Dual Aperture lens that adjusts to the lighting conditions just like the human eye.

Samsung DeX, your Note as a laptop

Samsung DeX lets you connect your Note 9 with an HDMI adapter to a larger screen that lets you work as if it were a PC. You can also use your Galaxy Note9 as a trackpad.

Galaxy Note and beyond

The Galaxy Note 9 can also act as a remote control for the entire Samsung ecosystem of devices and services. SmartThings allows you to operate connected devices and use eg Spotify and synchronization and playlists and podcasts via the Note 9, Galaxy Watch and Smart TV.

Available from

The Galaxy Note 9 is available from 24 August. There are two variants. A version with 128 GB of memory starting at 999 euros. A version with 512 GB will cost you a lot more with 1,249 euros. Furthermore, as always, Samsung offers a pre-order advantage for fast decision-makers and gives a discount if you hand in your old smartphone.

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