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This robot works at the Pizza Hut in South Korea!

The robot at the Pizzahut in South Korea, called Dilly Plate, is not yet a permanent employee. He has two weeks to prove himself. Then PizzaHut decides whether Dilly Plate can stay.

Dilly Plate

Unfortunately, Dilly is not a robot with arms legs and a smiling face that slides a plate of pizza under your nose. It is only a platform where a board stands up. If Dilly is in front of your table, you must take the board yourself. He can lift 22 kilos of food, including a large pile of pizzas.

The inventors of Dilly Plate see it as an experiment. They want to know how robots and people work together in the hospitality industry and how robots can contribute to delivering or collecting stuff.

Pizza Hut

The South Korean Pizza Hut is not the only one with a robot in service. In Singapore Softbank’s Pepper works, which picks up orders and recommends food. We are going to see this in the future more and more often! As long as the robots do not replace the personnel …

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