This is how you take out an affordable Apple Music family subscription

Are there several family members who have an ear for an Apple Music subscription? For € 14.99 per month, not only you but also your partner and your children have access to the virtually unlimited library of music. This is how you set up an Apple Music family subscription.

Apple Music family subscription

You can subscribe to an Apple Music family subscription as follows:

  1. Set up Share with family. With this free part of iOS, you can share all kinds of purchases, such as Apple Music.
  2. Go to Settings, tap on your name and choose “Share with family”.
  3. Tap “Apple Music” at the bottom. Choose “Go to Apple Music, select” Family “and subscribe to Apple Music. Please note: if you cannot start a trial version, read under the “Trial version” heading how you can do this.

All members of Delen with family now have access to Apple Music. Optionally, as a householder you can add more members. This may be a maximum of five.

For all family members, Apple Music works the same way as with an individual subscription. Everyone can create their own playlists and favorites lists and each family member receives his or her own personal recommendations. There is no cheating for guilty pleasures, it remains protected.

Trial version

Have you ever had a (free) subscription from Apple Music? There must be a family member who has never activated Apple Music. Set up the family plan through his or her device, the first three months are free!

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