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This building wins the skyscraper competition in Melbourne

In Melbourne a competition was held for the tallest skyscraper and the most innovative and best design. The battle was between a number of high and sustainable skyscrapers, and only one can be the best. The ‘Green Spine’ has been crowned the big winner.

Green Spine

The Green Spine was designed by UNStudio and Cox Architecture. The project costs 2 trillion dollars, but then you also have something. It will consist of two green twisted towers. The highest tower is 356.2 meters high. In the lower tower there will be shops and a hotel and homes will be built in the higher tower. The sides, ‘the green backbone’, will consist of terraces and verandas with trees and shrubs. There will be botanical gardens on the roof and the green side will turn into trees in the streets below the building.

UNStudio is a Dutch architectural firm, which also designed the Erasmus Bridge and the station in Arnhem. In total, six major architectural firms entered the battle. Three of these came from the Netherlands: MVRDV, OMA and UNStudio. The other companies were BIG, Coop Himmelb (la) u and MAD. With what proposal came these other architects?

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