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We tested the shirt that is not dirty

A while ago we talked about the t-shirts from Labfresh . If you do not know it: the manufacturer promises to give you shirts that can not be dirty and that you can not be fooled. They do this through a combination of silver in the fabric (that goes against the smell of sweat) and by making the fabric with ‘moisture wicking’ technology. This ensures that water is repelled on the outside, and that the inside distributes moisture as well as possible so that it can not be seen on the outside.

Well everyone promises everything, especially on Kickstarter so we asked to be able to test such a wondershirt. That was allowed (usually a good sign) and after I started working with cola and hard labor, it turned out that that shit really works.

Time to go to test

Test number one was to put on the shirt and then to mess around in the garden for a few hours. Normally that is enough (deodorant or not) to put sweat marks the size of pancakes in each shirt, but as you can see from the picture above there was nothing to see. Better still: it did not smoke either. After the photo I went to do all sorts of things and normally I could have grabbed the deo one more time and probably could wear a different shirt, but it went fine.

Test number two was simpler (at least for me): pour over it. Half a glass of cola, pulling the shirt slightly forward and spilling it. As you can see in the (slow motion) video, 99 percent of the drink just falls off the shirt. And for the record: that was take four. With a little wobbling almost everything was gone, although they recommend at Labfresh just to pour water over it.

I did not do that and then I made the ‘mistake’ to try to sweep it away, which made something of a stain visible. I still got it later by keeping it under the tap and that in itself is bizarre: you rinse it off, put it on again and both inside and outside are dry again.

Not cheap but it works well

The shirts are from this week just for sale in the web store of Labfresh, but they are slightly more expensive than during the campaign. The shirts cost 45 euros each, but as a sweat and mess a real issue for you is worth it. Honest is fair: the shirt is also nice so it does not matter. If they still have other colors than white, I’m in the party anyway, because the principle works.

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