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Facebook is going to assess the credibility of users

Facebook wants to show its good side when it comes to fake news. The company is going to sort news organizations for reliability. Also accounts that would influence the political campaign have been removed. Now Facebook has found another way to counter fake news.

Reliability Facebook users

Now Facebook is also going to look at users themselves. Users get a reputation score on a scale of 0 to 1. For example, users who make false claims against new parties are seen as unreliable. In addition, there are thousands of forms of user behavior, which makes them seen as unreliable.

Facebook does secretly about how they determine the credibility. How are the scores calculated exactly? Who will receive a score? They do not want to say much about this, because users then know what they need to do to influence the score.


Mark Zuckerberg showed something else last week in a Recode interview. At the time, he said that it is difficult to identify and combat the intentions of users who make false claims. So it is possible. Only the intentions are difficult to estimate. But whatever the intentions are, fighting fake news is what matters. Apparently Facebook does a lot to curb it. The question is how and if the new system will work, and what happens to users that prove unreliable …

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