The US government wants to read messages from Facebook Messenger

The US government is attempting Facebook to disable the end-to-end encryption of the app. This way they can read messages on Facebook Messenger. In this way, the government wants to track a suspect of the criminal gang MS-13, who probably sent sound clips through the app.

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption means that only the participants of a chat can read the messages. Facebook does not have access to these chats. The company has not yet responded to the requests to disable end-to-end encryption. In addition to this request, Facebook can also hack the person who is involved. Facebook also sees this. The default messages in Facebook Messenger are not protected. However, there is an option to do this by enabling Secret Conversation.

Facebook under pressure

Nevertheless, Facebook is under some pressure. If they continue to stop the requests, this feed is for a political discussion. When Apple did not accept a similar request, the company got a crooked face from Trump. If Facebook removes the end-to-end encryption, messages from the member of MS-13 will be readable. However, this affects all users of Facebook Messenger with Secret Conversation. Their data can also be seen, while this is not exactly what they have chosen.