Text in iOS 14.2 indicates that Apple does not include earphones with iPhone 12

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A text in iOS 14.2 indicates that Apple no longer supplies earphones with the iPhone 12. That was rumored previously. Until now, a wired headset was included with every iPhone in the box, in recent years with a Lightning connection. has changed a text in iOS 14.2 about exposure to radiation, so that it no longer says ‘included headset’, but only ‘headset’, writes MacRumors. The site concludes from this that Apple no longer supplies earplugs. In June it was first rumored that Apple would no longer supply the charger and headset with the iPhone 12. Not including the adapter has become more likely, now that Apple the Watch Series 6 released without adapter in the box. The new iPads do have adapters in the box, so by not including EarPods and a charger in the box, Apple would lower costs and maintain profit. At the same time, Apple can point out that many customers already have a charger and thus highlight the environmental benefits.
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