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Tesla temporarily stops production Model 3

Tesla seems to proceed to drastic measures: the production of the Model 3 is temporarily suspended. Well, the production was already not on the schedule, with all kinds of delays and excuses from Elon Musk about his somewhat enthusiastic attempts to automate the entire production process of the electric car. It appears that people are still useful to put cars together.

The production stop, which will take four to five days, is intended to remedy some of the problems that have arisen with the creation of the Model 3’s. Until now, they caused all delays, so the production standard that Musk himself and Tesla had set was not nearly achieved.
Musk himself did the production stop as a normal thing and said that the downtime was already planned. It would not affect the final production goals. The shutdown is intended to improve the automation and to ensure that certain bottlenecks in the production line are dealt with so that production can be made faster.

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In the last quarter, Tesla still managed to produce 2000 Model 3 cars a week which is still not 2500 that it should be, but it comes in each case nearer than the very small numbers that were made in the beginning.
According to the company, these stops to solve bottlenecks are due to the improved production. Is there still light at the end of the tunnel for Tesla? We will see how it goes after this stop. Musk can also immediately find some people to help with building.


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