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Sega will make a (real) Sega Megadrive Mini

After the resounding success of the NES and SNES Mini, it could not fail. After the somewhat lesser C64 Mini there is now also a Sega Megadrive Mini. That should be a lot better because the catalogue of good games from that generation is more than enough to make a cool device and unlike the already available ‘fake’ Mini Megadrives this time in collaboration with Sega.

The most important thing is of course what is involved in games. That is not entirely clear, because the announcement in Japan was actually not much more than indicating that the thing is coming, at first only in Japan. The rights issues when it comes to older games are often a bit complicated because many of the publishers of that time no longer exist and then you have to do complicated to get the rights to a game.
In Japan that is easier, so that means that consumers will certainly get a very cool line-up there, not least because Sega Japan has also made a lot of the classics on the console.
According to the announcement made at the same convention (SegaFes) about retro games that come to the Nintendo Switch, it does provide insight into what you can assume: Sonic The Hedgehog, the Phantasy Star series, Alex Kidd, Thunder Force and Gain Ground are a number of titles that you can expect in any case. Sonic 3 is in any case not involved, because there are issues with the music rights that play.
In addition, a number of smaller details were also announced by distributor ATGames, who made a previous (not so good) small Megadrive. This new version is much more like the NES Mini, with good secondary functionality such as storing games, pause, rewind, support for different resolutions and – not bad – a real cartridge slot so that your original old games can also be played on the Mini. So wait and see if it is going to run as well (in both respects) as the NES and SNES Mini.

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