Teardown shows that Apple Watch Series 4 has a slightly larger battery

A teardown of the 44mm version of Apple Watch Series 4 from iFixit shows that the watch has a slightly larger battery than previous 42mm variants of the clock. Apple also uses less adhesive during assembly, which makes repairs easier.

The battery has a capacity of 1,113Wh, or about 291mAh, compared to 1.07Wh of the 42mm version of the Apple Watch Series 3 last year, says iFixit . That is an increase in capacity of a few percent. The site has only opened the 44mm version of the watch, so the site does not know how it is with the smaller 40mm variant.

According to iFixit, after replacing the housing, replacing the screen and the battery is a breeze . The screen comes out first, while the battery can then easily release. The Apple S4-soc is less easy to reach, but Apple does not fix it anyway; only small screws hold the S4.

The teardown also shows that the speaker is bigger, which explains that according to Apple it can be louder than previous generations. The Taptic Engine vibration motor has also changed shape. It has become thinner and longer.

The fact that the Apple Watch Series 4 is 0.7 mm thinner than its predecessor is probably due to a thinner screen module, iFixit estimates. The Apple Watch Series 4 was released last week.