Roguelike Dead Cells gets new DLC: The Queen and the Sea

Indie developer Motion Twin is once again releasing DLC ​​for its roguelike Dead Cells. In this expansion, players can face new enemies in sea-themed levels, including shipwrecks and lighthouses. Dead Cells came out in 2018 for PC and consoles and has since received three DLC with new levels, weapons and enemies. With The Queen and … Read more

New Patch Should Fix Rain Issues in GTA Remasters

Rockstar Games has released a patch for Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy Definitive Edition. The remaster of three GTA games has had many issues since its release earlier this month, some of which should be resolved with this new patch. The patch is available immediately and a list of all the fixes for the different … Read more

FIFA tests the use of cameras and tracking software to determine offsides

FIFA is experimenting with tracking technology that automatically determines if a player has been offside. The people in the video room are then notified, after which the referee ultimately decides whether there is actually a violation. The technology is based on limb track technology, FIFA explains. The football association uses 10 to 12 cameras for … Read more

Rumor: UK regulator blocks Meta’s takeover of Giphy

The British Competitions and Market Authority would like to block the acquisition of Giphy by Meta, the former Facebook. That reports business newspaper Financial Times. The regulator previously fined Meta millions for the takeover. The CMA previously said in a preliminary decision not to allow the acquisition, because it would restrict competition. The regulator is … Read more

Xbox players Halo Infinite call for option to opt-out crossplay by cheaters

Many Halo Infinite players on Xbox are calling on 343 Studios in a Reddit topic to allow console players to isolate themselves from PC players. This is because the first cheats in the game’s multiplayer have been discovered. A topic on /r/XboxSeriesX calls for the introduction of an opt-out for crossplay. The conversation generated nearly … Read more

Amazon reverses New World players’ progress after gold compensation error

Amazon has reversed player progress on New World’s European servers by several hours. Players accidentally got too much in-game gold to compensate for past tax issues. The trading post function is completely disabled for the time being. During the distribution of the compensation gold, something went wrong with the database in which the sum was … Read more

Taiwan considers chip collaboration with Eastern European countries

Taiwan is looking at opportunities to ‘co-operate on chips’ with three Eastern European countries. Taiwan will, among other things, give money for technical training of people in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. The intentions follow a visit to Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Lithuania by Kung Ming-hsin, the head of Taiwan’s National Development Council. … Read more

The Sims 4 update lets non-playable characters experience life changes

A new update in The Sims 4 allows non-player characters or NPCs to accomplish things in their virtual lives. Players can also influence their life choices, for example by convincing an NPC to break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend. This update with the new “Neighborhood Stories” functionality will be released as part of the … Read more

Researcher lets rats play Doom

Software designer Victor Toth has spent the past year training rats to play Doom. He finally managed to get rats to maneuver the game character through a simple level. Toth has built a ‘VR setup’ to automatically train the rats. The setup consists of a polystyrene ball that is tracked with motion sensors. Using a … Read more

Spotify removes shuffle button from album pages for Premium users

Spotify has removed the default shuffle button from album pages for Premium users. As a result, the songs of albums play in the order that the artist intended, instead of in random order. Singer Adele asked Spotify about this. The streaming service calls it a new ‘Premium feature’ that the Play button is now the … Read more