Starfield has six million players and is the largest Bethesda game launch

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In total, more than six million people have played Starfield. According to the development studio, this is the largest launch of a Bethesda game so far.

The official Starfield account tweet that the limit of six million players was reached on Friday morning. It is unknown how many of those players actually purchased the game, and how many players played the game via Game Pass. It is also not mentioned how large the share of PC players and the share of Xbox players is.

The account calls this “the biggest Bethesda game launch of all time.” It is unclear what exactly is meant by this. The game was released a week ago as early access, but only became available as an official release last Wednesday. It is not stated which of the two dates is considered the launch date. On Thursday, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer announced that Starfield has exceeded the one million simultaneous players mark.

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