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Square Enix postpones survival game Left Alive to February 28, 2019

Square Enix releases its survivor shooter Left Alive on February 28, 2019. The game was announced a year ago and the publisher then said that the game would be released in 2018. Square Enix also shows a new trailer.

Square Enix does not say in the announcement of the release date why the game was postponed. Originally, the release of the game was planned this year, the company stated in the announcement a year ago.
Other than the date no changes were announced, so the game still appears for PlayStation 4 and pc. So far, not many details of the game have been revealed yet, except that developers of the Metal Gear and Armored Core series are involved.
In the new trailer, which, like the previous trailer, city ​​Novo Slava in combination with the year 2127 calls, a war is central. A voice-over states that survival and protecting citizens are the most important. Furthermore, the trailer contains information about three characters with their own storylines and missions. Gameplay images are not part of the trailer.

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