Sonos gets integration with ifttt – Image and sound

Sonos announces the combination with the ifttt platform. Users can link iftt events via smarthome devices to then that commands Sonos operation. For example, the music can be automatically softened when smart doorbell rings.

Sonos currently has fifteen actions on its services page of ifttt. For example, users can pause music when they have a conversation with their Android device, link playlists with Philips Hue lights and the Google Assistant and Alexa can play favorites if the user asks them.

The development team of Sonos promises many more actions to add. The integration follows the opening of his api as part of the Sonos Sound Platform last week. This allows developers to incorporate control of Sonos devices into their software. In October there will be support for notifications, where the volume of the Sonos device will be reduced at reception.