‘Spotify wants to add personal recommendations to playlists’

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Spotify seems to be planning to add personal recommendations to playlists that have been pre-compiled. For the time being it is a test, in which it is not clear whether and when this functionality will be released to everyone.

The existence of the experiment was not confirmed by Spotify itself, but sources confirm opposite The Verge that the personification of playlists is being worked on. This means that in pre-composed playlists you can process music tracks that are recommended for the relevant user. As a result, the numerous playlists composed by Spotify have a more personal character.

According to The Verge, the new functionality is currently available for a select number of users. Furthermore, little is known about the test, so it is not clear whether Spotify actually wants to make the new functionality available to all its users. It is also unclear how long the test has to take.

Spotify already has personal playlists with music tracks that are tuned to the user via algorithms. These daily mixes refresh, like the pre-composed playlists, regularly, but there are only a limited number of them. Spotify has a large number of playlists that are put together by employees.

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