Download Text Editor Pro 5.1.1

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Version 5.5.1 of Text Editor Pro has been released. This free and lightweight text editor has extensive possibilities, which are especially interesting for software developers. For example, there are syntax highlighting for more than fifty script and programming languages, macros, vertical selection blocks and can compare files. The program is actively developed and new versions with small improvements appear with great regularity. Since version 4.7.0 the following changes and improvements have been made:

Version 5.1.1

  • Fixed directory
  • Fixed reloaded changed files

Version 5.1.0

  • Added font and size option for directory, editor, and output tabs
  • Added tab font and size option for menu bar
  • Added use system font for directory, editor, and output tabs
  • Added use system font for menu bar
  • Fixed font combo box
  • 19659004] Fixed language files
  • Fixed language menu
  • Fixed line break in editor
  • Fixed main menu options
  • Fixed selected tree item saving into INI in options
  • Fixed selection after sort
  • Fixed tab key in editor
  • Fixed undo and redo
  • Updated AlphaSkins controls v14.01

Version 5.0.0

  • Added check for updates at close option (default no)
  • Added file explorer (File> File explorer)
  • Added number of rows option for completion p roposal (default 8)
  • Added highlight / underline editor matching pair option
  • Added highlighter for Eiffel
  • Added new folder into directory pop-up menu
  • Added Okaidia color theme
  • Added show icon title bar option
  • Fixed -noini and noskin application parameters
  • Fixed bugs in AlphaSkins v14.00
  • Fixed donation URL
  • Fixed download all skins URL in the skin select dialog
  • Fixed directory, directory, and output pop-up menu
  • Fixed directory tree paint
  • Fixed highlighter change
  • Fixed language files
  • Fixed main menu
  • Fixed MSI installers [19659004] Fixed open in browser
  • Fixed page control
  • Fixed initial directory in save axis
  • Fixed search engine change in search
  • Fixed title bar resizing bug
  • Fixed XML formatter
  • Updated AlphaSkins controls v14.00 [19659047] Text Editor Pro screenshot (620 pix) ” width=”620″ height=”403″ data-src=”” data-lazyload=”1″/>

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