Sportapp Strava comes with new options

Strava comes with new paid packages. Strava Premium will be replaced by Summit. This allows you to upgrade your account with different options. Which?

Strava wants to meet with Summit the specific needs of different athletes using the app. Whether you are training for a marathon, or want to recover from an injury, for every sports situation there is a package on Strava. There are a total of three packages for training, analysis and safety.

Training package

This package is suitable for all types of athletes, from top athletes to people who want to build up condition. There are training schedules, real-time GPS for smartphones, goals, a training analysis, leaderboards and PRs on segments.

Analysis package

With this package, Strava users can analyze their training in detail. For example, a workout analysis consists of heart rate zones and data from different rounds. It also gives you the opportunity to track the impact of the training and whether it is time to take a rest. With Power Analysis and Relative Effort, users can train consistently and in the right zone.

Safety package

Strava also wants to help athletes to safely carry out their training. In the safety package, Strava helps to plan adventures and map out routes. With personal Heatmaps you see where you have often been. Users can select contacts that can see live where they are on a map.

For eight dollars per month, or $ 60 a year, you can add all three packages to your Strava account. What if you do want insight in the intensity of your training, but do not need extra safety? Then you can just buy one of the packages. This is three dollars a month and $ 24 a year.