SpaceX conducts successful staticfire test of Super Heavy booster

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SpaceX has successfully completed a staticfire test of its Super Heavy booster. With this, the space company has taken an important step in preparing its Starship rocket for the first orbit around Earth.

The test was conducted Tuesday at SpaceX’s test launch pad at Boca Chica, Texas, and went off without a hitch, according to SpaceX. During the Booster 7 test, which lasted a few seconds, one of 33 Raptor engines tested. The booster was on the platform during the test, writes, among other things,

Last month a test took place with the same booster. This caused an explosion at the bottom of the Super Heavy booster. The fireball started when a ‘spin start test of the engine didn’t go according to plan’, it said SpaceX boss Elon Musk at the time.

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