Software Update: YaBB SE 1.5.5

The makers of the PHP and MySQL port of Yet Another Bulletin Board, called YaBB SE, have released a new version of their software. The 1.5.5 numbered release includes the following changes:

  • fixed sendmail()’s sending of mail headers to send a ‘From:’ header.
  • moved the ob_end_clean’s from SSI.php’s functions to the top. (fixes some issues.)
  • fixed a bug in SSI.php variable loading.
  • made it easier for SSI.php to find the YaBB SE path.
  • topics removed in boards where posts didn’t count still reduced post count.
  • added recentPosts function and made recentTopics only show unique topics.
  • made LoadCookie use $HTTP_*_VARS instead of $_* like all the rest of the code.
  • changed the whois lookup to from (now down.)
  • fixed a javascript error when editing another person’s profile.
  • copyrights for modified files changed to show all dates of change.

[break]The new release of the forum is here pick up.

Version number 1.5.5
Website YaBB SE
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)