Software update: SyncBackFree


2Brightsparks has released a version from SyncBackFree. This program is the simplest and therefore also the free implementation of the backup software that this company offers. In addition to backing up, SyncBackFree can synchronize data. This can be done to a location on the same or a different drive, or to another medium, such as a CD-RW or USB stick, or to an FTP server or zip archive.
In addition to this free version, there are also SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro which offer additional functionality for 45 and 62 euro respectively. From version 8 there is also added a Lite version for a price of 23 euros. The following changes and improvements have been made in this publication:


  • Pressing escape on profile schedule window no longer deletes the schedule
  • Delete on VNC
  • Folders on some cloud services were being deleted even if not empty
  • (Pro): Potential problems with Google Drive files which have unusual meta-data
  • (SE): Touch username is now disabled in new profile wizard
  • Multi-threaded scanning for FTP
  • Opening and comparing files on restricted containers via Differences and File Prompt
  • Duplicate entries for shared settings in profile configuration


  • If a schedule repeats
  • The Do Not Store Password schedule option has been removed for Windows 10
  • If an FTP server responds with no data when getting a directory list then SyncBack will try again
  • Supports m ulti-part upload for Wasabi cloud service (S3 API compatible service)
  • The installer no longer enable the mailing list option by default
  • Italian translations in installer
  • (Pro): Wasabi (S3 compatible service ) support
  • (Pro): S3 locations updated