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Apple comes with subscription service for news and magazine articles

According to news agency Bloomberg, Apple is working on a paid subscription service for news-and magazine articles. The company from Cupertino plans to integrate the recently acquired magazine-app Texture into Apple News.

The various sources on which Bloomberg relies have not given much further details on the possible plans of Apple . For example, it is still unclear when the new subscription service will be published, how much it will cost. The new service may come out sometime in 2019. Apple did not want to respond to a request for comments from Bloomberg
Apple took over the American Texture last month, a magazine app that is also described as the Netflix of the magazines. With this service, users have access to more than two hundred different magazines for ten dollars per month. The Cupertino company would integrate Texture technology into the Apple News service. The former employees of Texture have also been taken over by Apple, although a source has said that Apple has first dismissed 20 Texture employees at the takeover.
Apple News is a service that until now only in the US, Australia and the United States. United Kingdom is available. With this service users can take articles from different news media, whereby subscriptions can also be made from the news medium from which an article is taken. It is not yet possible to access all content from all connected news media for a fixed monthly fee.


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