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2Brightsparks has released version of SyncBackFree. This program is the simplest and therefore the free version of the backup software that this company has to offer. In addition to making backups, SyncBackFree can synchronize data. This can be to a location on the same or another disk, or to another medium, such as a CD-RW or USB stick, or to an FTP server or zip archive. In addition to this free version, there are also: SyncBackSE and SyncBackProwhich are priced at 44 and 60 euros respectively additional functionality offer. The changelog for this release can be found below:


  • Can press F5 to refresh Differences window
  • Double-click can now run or queue a profile unattended


  • (Pro/SE): Quick settings option in Log settings for a profile
  • (Pro/SE): Can use the “Do not store password” option when creating scheduled tasks on Windows 10
  • (Pro/SE): Mouse cursor changes when hovering over versions icon in Differences window
  • (Pro/SE): Non-elevated version of SyncBack also installed
  • Option to forcibly disconnect network connections
  • (Pro): hubiC cloud service has been discontinued
  • Italian translations and tweaks to interface for Italian
  • Can select directory when using volume GUID and not drive letter
  • (Pro/SE): Ransomware protection filename for profile is changed to use drive serial instead of letter


  • (Pro): You cannot use archival fast backup when using cloud
  • (Pro/SE): FTP concurrent downloads
  • The uninstaller displayed access violation error if uninstalling and never ran SyncBack
  • Hash values ​​for files over 4GB may be incorrect
  • (Pro/SE): Webhook and Pushover failure notification messages will now be sent for critical failures
  • (Pro): For pCloud, the option to delete all files and folders did not delete sub-folders
  • Parallel compression may not work when run from schedule
  • When compressing to a single file the NTFS security is taken from the temp directory

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website 2Brightsparks
File size


License type Freeware
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