Developer shows several games that have HDR support on Linux

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A developer from Valve says on Twitter that he has got hdr running on Linux. Pierre-Loup Griffais says he’s been able to play several games with those settings on, including Death Stranding.

Griffais, a developer working on the Steam Deck, shows in a tweet multiple games on linux with hdr enabled. He shows screenshots of Deep Rock Galactic and Halo Infinite with that setting on. “Hdr can now be turned on for real games,” he writes, as opposed to just in test environments.

Soon after, developer Joshua Ashton responded with even more screenshots showing how Death Stranding on PC with HDR turned on. Ashton puts a heatmap over it so that it is clear to see where the graphical improvements are.

It is not yet known if or when Valve will release final HDR support for Linux devices. The fact that one Steam Deck developer plays with HDR raises speculation that a future Steam Deck may support HDR. The Steam Deck runs on Linux. Valve previously hinted that a future version should get an improved screen, in addition to better battery life. Whether HDR is supported on it is still unclear.

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