Software Update: SMS Messenger 3.61

Scopesoft has released a new version of SMS Messenger. This version fixes some minor bugs that are not mentioned by name:

09/10/2000 Fixed some bugs

03/10/2000 Fixed SMS Server bug, added color settings, added command line sending, added some options and added a banner to keep it free.

14/09/2000 After a downtime of almost a month the new version is back online. Now it will check if the message is sent or not

16/08/2000 SMS length and range sending bug fixed.

15/08/2000 Update on the SMS server. After the old server went down we had to find a new server and implement it in the program. The interface has also changed.

01/07/2000 New mayor update:

Use of another SMS server

No VB6 libraries needed any more

Phonebook added

No Internet Explorer needed anymore

18/06/2000 Added message status

15/06/2000 The basic program

[break]Here down, thanks to GoGo for the link.

Version number 3.61
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website scopesoft