Software Update: Win2K Compatibility Pack

McMiGHtY writes to us that Microsoft has released another new Compatibility package for Windows 2000. This allows you to use a number of extra programs with the latest operating system that did not work before. The following programs/games are supported in this version:

  • Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing v.1 (Mindscape)
  • Bass Master’s Classic Tournament Edition v.1 (THQ Inc.)
  • Cart Racing v.1 (Sierra On-Line)
  • Civil War 2 Generals v.1 (Sierra On-Line)
  • Crayola 3D Castle Creator v.2.1 (IBM Corporation)
  • Descent II v.1.1 (Interplay Productions)
  • Disney’s Villain’s Revenge (Disney)
  • Driver’s Education 99 v.1 (Sierra On-Line)
  • Dungeon Keeper: Gold Edition v.1 (Bullfrog Productions)
  • Encyclopedia Britannica ’99 (Encyclopedia Britannica)
  • FIFA ’99 (Electronic Arts)
  • Force 21 v.1 (Red Storm Entertainment)
  • Heart of Darkness (Interplay Productions)
  • Leap Ahead 2nd Grade v.1 (Mattel Interactive)
  • Leap Ahead 3rd Grade v.1 (Mattel Interactive)
  • Madeline Preschool (Mattel Interactive)
  • PGA Championship Golf 1999 Edition v.1 (Sierra On-Line)
  • Quicken Deluxe ’99 (Intuit)
  • Quicken v.6 (Intuit)
  • Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain v.1 (Eidos Interactive)
  • South Park v.1 (Acclaim Entertainment)
  • The Baby-Sitters Club 4th Grade
  • Learning Adventure v.1 (Mattel Interactive)
  • The Clue Finders 3rd Grade Adventures (Mattel Interactive)
  • The Clue Finders Adventures: Personalized Learning Center (Mattel Interactive)
  • The Crystal Key (DreamCatcher Interactive)
  • Triple Play ’99 v.1 (Electronic Arts)

Version number October
Operating systems Windows 2000
Website Microsoft