Software Update: Skype for Windows beta

Skype allows you to call other users via Voice-over-IP, as it were. No subscription is required for this, just bandwidth to send the voice data back and forth. It is also possible to take out a subscription that allows calls to fixed and mobile telephone numbers in your own country and to numbers abroad. Yesterday, the makers of Skype released a new beta version that is only suitable for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. This beta has been given version number beta and can be downloaded by here to click. What the changes are in Skype beta can be read below:


  • Feature: 21 new emoticons
  • Feature: My Pictures: possibility to choose pictures from Expressive Content
  • Feature: RingToneManager for Expressive Content or audio files
  • Feature: API notifications for contact list selection and focus
  • Feature: Call Forwarding
  • Feature: Contextual tool tips
  • Feature: Multilingual EULA
  • Feature: Possibility to disable file transfer
  • Change: Improved Search and AddFriend functions
  • Change: Getting Started Wizard: new layout
  • Change: Profile: month names are translatable
  • Change: Import Contacts: new layout and process improvements
  • Change: Improved Emoticons
  • Change: API: Allow sending voicemail to myself
  • Change: Skype client can now be maximized
  • Change: New Korean translation
  • Bugfix: Some optimizations during call initialization, should be a little more responsive now
  • Bugfix: Import Contacts: mass authorization is back
  • Bug fix: Skype does not start for some users
  • Bugfix: API: support expressive content files SET RINGTONE and AVATAR
  • Bugfix: API: enhance GET RINGTONE to report status
  • Bugfix: Prepopulate Skype Test Call Service on new user’s Contact List

Version number beta
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Skype
File size


License type Freeware