Software update: SpeedFan 4.26 beta 8

Alfredo Milani Comparetti has released a new beta release of his hardware monitoring program SpeedFan. This program is capable of displaying temperatures, voltages, fan rotation speed and SMART information of a hard drive. The program also makes it possible to adjust the speeds of the coolers, if the motherboard supports this. In addition, these temperatures, voltages and fan speeds can be displayed in the graph. Being able to download beta versions is a free registration obliged. The changelog of this release looks like this:

SpeedFan 4.26 beta 8

  • EVENTS now can access SMART hard disk attributes. Now you can popup a message when your hard disk is reallocating bad sectors or any other SMART related info. I would like to know if multiple events defined on system with more than one HD work properly. This latest beta includes a new check for UGURU. This new check should no longer cause an error message to show up when something is going wrong with WMI. Let me know if the error message is gone for you. Together with other minor fixes, this beta uses a new internal technology I would like to make sure that works on all systems, from Win9x up to 2K3.
  • SpeedFan 4.26 beta 8 fixes an access violation on some boards and adds support for new chips and for new UGURU motherboards from Abit.
  • In order to run this beta, simply install SpeedFan 4.25, then replace the EXE from version 4.25 and then run SpeedFan as usual. Please, use the SEND REPORT facility on the INFO tab.


Version number 4.26 beta 8
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website SpeedFan
File size


License type Freeware