Software update: Sick Beard build 489 alpha

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The developers behind Sick Beard released a new build of their program not too long ago. Sick Beard can keep an eye on when new episodes of your favorite TV series are available and if there are better quality episodes to be found. In addition, it can bring some uniformity in the naming, and it is possible to download episodes from usenet and to a lesser extent via BitTorrent. The program is controlled from a web browser and can therefore be used on any operating system. Development is at an early stage and the program is still offered as alpha. The changelog since build 487 looks like this:

Changelog for build 489

  • Fix the windows version checker to work with the new google code source
  • Fix the fix for the previous fix.
  • Revert part of the fix from last night until I have time to test it properly
  • Fix shows that were “stuck” and wouldn’t update because of deleted seasons on TVDB (Parks & Rec, It’s Always Sunny, Futurama, etc etc)
  • How did that sneak in there? (don’t replace all periods with dashes)
  • Don’t crash when trying to output a parse result’s string representation
  • Fixed a bug where SB would fall back on to thinking the x264 was an episode number in some retarded naming schemes
  • Fixed sanitizeFilenames to strip leading and trailing periods which cause Windows to poop itself and can hide folders on other OSes.
  • Merge pull request #177 from camflan/master
  • Made show titles bolder on the main page
  • Merge pull request #193 from nberlee/nzbmatrix
  • Finally has https support
  • Merge pull request #190 from gordonturner/master
  • Fixed
  • Merge pull request #198 from chuckination/master
  • Split out data directory in fedora and ubuntu init script
  • Merge pull request #196 from ghuntley/init.freebsd
  • Added FreeBSD startup/shutdown (rc.d) config
  • Merge pull request #192 from lad1337/dateutil
  • Use dateutil to fix newzbin date parsing on non-english locales
  • Merge pull request #199 from thezoggy/gitignore
  • Reactor and expanded the .gitignore.
  • Merge pull request #197 from giantspook/trivial-thumbnail-fix
  • Fix image thumbnail aspect ratio
  • Merge pull request #201 from lad1337/ui_notifications
  • ui.notifications: snatched msg should not only have a title
  • Fix the IPv6 setting from getting reset to false on each boot.
  • ui.notifications: snatched msg should not only have a title, it has a simple title “Episode Snatched” and the main msg in the body
  • Reactor and expanded the .gitignore. Should eliminate problems for those running sickbeard on an external drive or those that want to use an IDE (eclipse/wing/textmate) with sickbeard without having to be mindful of un-versioned files.
  • Fix backlog support on newznab providers
  • Changing default datir to ~/.sickbeard
  • Tweaking ubuntu and fedora init scripts to split out the data directory from the code directory. Tweaked ubuntu init script to block until the daemon exits when stopping.
  • Fix image thumbnail aspect ratio
  • Resizing images using the thumbnail method preserves the aspect ratio, which is then discarded by the HTML/CSS, which forces them to a specific pixel size. Images which aren’t that pixel size (not all TVDB banners are exactly the proscribed pixel size) get blurred by the web browser.
  • Also added a content-type header for the resized image and slightly increased the JPEG quality. Banners look way better as PNGs (JPEG blurs text), but if this feature is added it should probably be a user pref because PNGs are significantly larger.
  • Added FreeBSD startup/shutdown (rc.d) config
  • Fix an encoding problem with the XBMC notifier
  • Finally has https support
  • incorporate the dateutil in the readme
  • use the dateutil lib for parsing the newzbin date
  • say hello to the new dateutil lib a powerful dateparsing and calulating libary
  • sickbeard-1592: Fixed error generated by non ascii characters in the actor metadata.
  • Search newznab providers with exception names too
  • Made Show titles bolder on main page so they don’t get lost.
  • Merge pull request #172 from thezoggy/jquery-autocomplete
  • jquery autocomplete
  • Merge pull request #173 from thezoggy/ui-enhancements
  • Quality tags, tableClick fixes, coming episode adjustments

Changelog for build 488

  • Merge pull request #169 from thezoggy/jquery-fixes
  • Fixes: more jquery 1.6.x attr->prop problems
  • Fixes: more jquery 1.6.x attr->prop problems
  • Don’t count “Show Name 1×02 x264” as episodes 2-264
  • Sort multi-episodes before naming them so we don’t name them out of order
  • Fix some of the encoding error messages that have been cropping up (false positives)
  • Fix the rest of the jquery prop/attr stuff
  • Merge branch ‘master’ or
  • Fix providers all being disabled since jquery upgrade
  • Merge pull request #153 from generica/airtime
  • Only show airing data if it exists
  • Merge branch ‘jquery_upgrades’ or git://
  • conflict:
    • data/css/default.css
    • data/interfaces/default/restart_bare.tmpl
  • Merge pull request #163 from thezoggy/zog-validation
  • Zoggy HTML validation
  • Removed unneeded #.
  • Fix typo and more validation fixes.
  • Fixed typo, and eliminated extra #.
  • Moved ‘upgrade-notification’ related CSS from the config to default.css since this should be grouped with the other incl_top related css. Tweaked it slightly to reflect a recent font size change which resulted in a cosmetic problem. *Note to self* Do not use %’s for font-size in the future.
  • Validation fixes, moved jquery reference below sbRoot variable declaration.
  • Adjusted the page refresh code to actually work and raised the timer from 3min to 10mins.
  • Removed old css and html for the outdated config timezone page. Removed unused sorting images.
  • Upgraded jquery-ui-1.8.11.custom.min.js -> jquery-ui-1.8.13.custom.min.js Changelog: The widget Autocomplete has always been excluded from our build out due to the fact we use another solution for autocomplete and don’t want to risk any conflicts. Note that I removed the widget Datepicker from our build out this round since we don’t use it and it seems to always been the main source of bug fixes.
  • Upgraded jquery-1.5.1.min.js -> jquery-1.6.1.min.js. Details on what changed:
  • Added some debug logging to help figure out peoples’ encoding issues
  • Add missing js include
  • Fix the manual episode search ajax from the coming episodes page, refactored the code into a common ajaxEpSearch plugin
  • Don’t replace – with . when searching (not sure why I did this in the first place)
  • Move ajax browser defaults into the proper location
  • Fixed a problem with the ajax episode search where it could say it was successful when it actually failed to save the NZB
  • A little bit of refactoring the logging for the search code
  • Only show airing data if it exists
  • Don’t continue searching for episodes if we found the highest quality we need on an earlier provider
  • Merge branch ‘master’ or
  • Fix the quality setting on the edit show page not defaulting to the correct preset
  • Merge pull request #152 from generica/newcleanup
  • Add docstrings, remove unreachable code, get rid of some tabs and whitesp
  • Add docstrings, remove unreachable code, get rid of some tabs and whitespace
  • Don’t restrict Newzbin source so that poorly tagged reports can come through as Unknown.
  • Merge branch ‘tivo’

Version number build 489 alpha
Release status Alpha
Operating systems script language
Website sickbeard
File size


License type GPL
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