Software update: AIMP 3.00 build 934 beta 5

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A new development version of version 3.00 of the media player AIMP has been released with build number 934. AIMP is a free Russian-made lightweight media player with support for the most commonly used music formats. The appearance is somewhat like Winamp and can be adjusted by means of skins. AIMP has an 18-channel equalizer on board and supports plugins. Furthermore, the program can rip CDs, convert music files and edit tags.

Version 3.0 includes, in addition to a new look, a new sound engine, a completely renewed music library and support for ReplayGain. The changelog for this release shows the following changes and improvements:


  • Plugins: New API
  • Plugins: Scheduler – Button for easy way to set current time was added
  • Player: The ability to change “User-Agent” was added
  • Player: Context menu for “Repeat track” button was added for quick access to repeat options
  • Player: Playlists in *.ASX format are supported now
  • Player: Equalizer has been improved
  • Tag Editor: Ability to resize album art images is added
  • Audio Library: Displaying album art in AeroPeak


  • Skin-Engine: Input box – ability to select text via keyboard was added
  • Skin-Engine: Input box – shortcuts for copy / paste operations were added
  • Skin-Engine: Memory usage has been reduced
  • Plugins: “Plugins Manager” dialog has been redesigned
  • Plugins: plugin now works only with installed client


  • Wrong tracks names during the internet radio capturing
  • Player used to jump over 1 track in some cases
  • “Repeat track” function used to operate incorrectly with files which duration is less than 2 seconds
  • Some skins are used to draw incorrectly on system with non-russian locale
  • “Block desktop locking” option doesn’t operate in fullscreen mode of visualization
  • Incorrect work with relative paths
  • Incorrect position of “Add link” dialog on the system with few monitors
  • ID3v2 tags are parsed incorrectly in some cases
  • “Disk number” field isn’t read from tags or files in M4A format
  • Bitrate for some files in TTA format calculates incorrectly
  • Disk number isn’t displayed in playlist, if it is in “1/2” format
  • “Remove missing files” command removes links to internet radio stations
  • Error occures after player restarting and attempt to playing CUE file
  • “Search new files” action adds duplicated files in some cases
  • Tag editor save album art to first selected file only
  • Player doesn’t operate via meta data from some internet radio stations
  • Incorrect channel order when playing files in DTS format
  • Player crushes when trying to play corrupted file in MP3 format
  • Small part of previous track can be listened when current file is trying to be played and player is on pause state
  • Player hungs some times when trying to play files in WAV format
  • Plugin for multimedia keyboards support is missing in 916 build
  • Audio Library – “Search new files” doesn’t process new subfolders
  • Audio Library – Labels doesn’t display in the list immediately
  • Player hangs while track navigation, if DSP plugins are in use
  • Skin-Engine – Some skins doesn’t provide an ability to select playlist tab via mouse
  • Skin-Engine – Windows aren’t repainted in some cases
  • Skin-Engine – Minimal size of window calculates incorrectly after its child containers shown / hidden

Version number 3.00 build 934 beta 5
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website AIMP
File size


License type Freeware
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