Software Update: Sandboxie Plus 5.50.1 / 0.8.1

Sandboxie is a program that makes it possible to run programs under Windows in a protected environment. In this way, changes made by programs or web browsers are easy to undo, and there is no risk of affecting important parts of the operating system.

Sandboxie can be used on Windows 7, 8 and 10, and is now offered as open source, after Sophos no longer wanted to use it. Sandboxie is available in a classic and plus version. Internally they work the same, but the latter has a more modern Qt-built user interface. The changelog for this release can be found below.


  • Sandboxie now applies by default “Close…=!,…” directives to non-excluded images if they are located in a sandbox
    — added ‘AlwaysCloseForBoxed=n’ to disable this behavior as it may not be always desired, and it doesn’t provide extra security
  • added process image information to Sandman UI
  • localized template categories in the Plus UI
  • added “DisableResourceMonitor=y” to disable resource access monitor for selected boxes
  • added option to show trace entries only for the selected sandbox
  • added “UseVolumeSerialNumbers=y” that allows drive letters to be suffixed with the volume SN in the drive sandbox location
    — it helps to avoid files mixed together on multiple pendrives using the same letter
    — note: this option is not compatible with the recovery function of the Classic UI, only SandMan UI is fully compatible


  • portable cleanup message now has y/n/c options
  • consolidated Proc_CreateProcessInternalW and Proc_CreateProcessInternalW_RS5 to remove duplicate code
  • the ElevateCreateProcess fix, as sometimes applied by the Program Compatibility Assistant, will no longer be emulated by default
    — use ‘ApplyElevateCreateProcessFix=y’ or ‘ApplyElevateCreateProcessFix=program.exe,y’ to enable it
  • trace log gets disabled only when it has no entries and the logging is stopped


  • fixed APC issue with the new global hook emulation mechanism and WoW64 processes
  • fixed IPv6 issues with BlockPort options
  • fixed an issue with CheatEngine when “OpenWinClass=*” was specified
  • fixed memory corruption in SbieDrv
  • fixed crash issue with process elevation on CreateProcess calls
  • fixed process elevation when running in the built-in administrator account
  • fixed template preview resetting unsaved entries in box options window
  • fixed an issue with driver verifier and user handles
  • fixed driver memory leak of FLT_FILE_NAME_INFORMATION objects
  • fixed broken clipboard introduced in 5.50.0
  • fixed dcom launch issue on windows 7 32 bit introduced in 5.50.0

Version number 5.50.1 / 0.8.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website sandboxie
File size


License type GPL