343 Industries Gives New Details About Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Developer 343 Industries gave a comprehensive overview of Halo Infinite multiplayer today. The studio provides the game’s free multiplayer with paid battlepasses, among other things. The game will be released later this year for Xbox One and Series consoles and PCs.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will be completely free-to-play, which is why 343 Industries is betting on paid cosmetic and other customizable content. Players can, among other things, provide their armor and weapons with skins or emblems. Individual armor pieces can also be modified, such as the visor of a helmet. Vehicles in the game can also be modified.

The developer emphasizes that there are no random loot boxes in Halo Infinite. The studio states that it should always be clear which loot they purchase. Users can collect content by playing the game, but also via battlepasses, which Microsoft will sell for the game. These battlepasses will be season by season, but will never expire.

Players can therefore also work on the progression of the battlepasses in their possession after a season. Old battlepasses will also always be available in the in-game store. It is not yet known what these battlepasses will cost. The studio does confirm that the paid items will only be cosmetic, and will therefore have no effect on the gameplay.

Furthermore, players can customize the voice of their personal AI companion. Users can choose from different voices or personalities for these AIs, which provide players with updates and information during multiplayer matches.

This weekend, 343 Industries already shared several new details about the upcoming Halo game. The studio confirmed at E3 that gamers can expect the game around the holidays. Halo Infinite was initially planned for last year, but 343 Industries postponed the game due to the corona crisis. Gamers also shared criticism of the game’s initial gameplay footage last year, another possible reason for the game’s delay.