Software Update: ReactOS 0.3.10

Version 0.3.10 of ReactOS was released on Sunday. The ‘React Operating System’ project is an open source operating system that aims to be compatible with Windows NT, 2000 and XP to run Windows applications and drivers. While many software already runs smoothly on it, including, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, and various games, the developers say the entire project is still in its alpha stage and not suitable for everyday use. on this page some screenshots from ReactOS can be admired. The complete changelog of this release is here to find back. Here are the highlights from this release:

Release highlights:

  • Fixed inability to work with partitions bigger than 8Gb
  • Added possibility of installing into any of four primary partitions
  • Initial support for SerialATA controllers along with enhanced ATA support
  • Initial USB keyboards and mice support
  • Greatly improved network cards support (20 different NICs were tested successfully)
  • Increased stability in networking
  • A clone of MS paint application has been introduced
  • Initial support for MSVC compilation
  • Better cleanup of system resource usage
  • Synchronization of most of the Wine usermode DLLs and some Win32 subsystem code shared with Wine

Click on the image for a larger version.

Version number 0.3.10
Release status unstable
Website ReactOS
File sizes 33.00MB – 35.40MB
License type GPL