Software Update: OpenRCT2 0.3.3

Released version 0.3.3 of OpenRCT2, the open source version of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. The project tries to resemble the original as much as possible, but is written in a modern language which allows for extensions and improvements. It is similar to, for example, OpenTTD. In order to play it, it is necessary to have the original game, because it needs sound files and the images, among other things. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

New features:

  • [#6677] Add Discord RPC to macOS builds.
  • [#6844] Enhanced track designer with ability to add/remove scenery and footpaths.
  • [#7059] Landscape doors for the Ghost Train.
  • [#11859] Add on-ride photo section to Air Powered Vertical and Reverse Freefall Coaster.
  • [#12307] Allow extraction of GOG installer via innoextract (for Linux users).
  • [#13057] Make GameAction flags accessible by plugins.
  • [#13078] [Plugin] Add color picker widget.
  • [#13376] Open custom window at specified tab.
  • [#13384] [Plugin] Expose all TileElement data.
  • [#13398] Add pause button to the Track Designer.
  • [#13436] macOS: use new icon that matches Big Sur’s style.
  • [#13495] [Plugin] Add properties for park value, guests and company value.
  • [#13509] [Plugin] Add ability to format strings using OpenRCT2 string framework.
  • [#13512] [Plugin] Add item separators to list view.
  • [#13583] [Plugin] Add allowed_hosts to plugin section of config.
  • [#13593] [Plugin] Add ability to read and change the position of ride vehicles.
  • [#13613] Add single-rail roller coaster (Rocky Mountain Construction Raptor).
  • [#13614] Add terrain surfaces from RollerCoaster Tycoon 1.
  • [#13675] [Plugin] Add context.setInterval and context.setTimeout.
  • [#13848] Replace shortcut engine allowing multiple bindings from different input devices.
  • [#13927] [Plugin] Add isVisible and text box widget.
  • [#13965] Make ride construction shortcuts work for footpath, too.
  • [#13969] [Plugin] Add APIs for editing title sequences.
  • [#14002] [Plugin] Use allowed_hosts when checking the binding IP for listening.
  • [#14059] [Plugin] Add optional filter to custom tools.
  • [#14142] [Plugin] Add option for taking transparent screenshots.
  • [#14171] [Plugin] Add API for getting network traffic statistics.
  • [#14171] [Plugin] Add API for creating custom widgets.
  • [#14171] [Plugin] Add API for drawing graphics for custom widgets.
  • [#14171] [Plugin] Add click event to spinners and allow them to be held down.
  • [#14252] [Plugin] Add API for vehicle g-forces.


  • [#13346] [Plugin] Renamed FootpathScenery to FootpathAddition, fix typos.
  • [#13857] Change Rotation Control Toggle to track element number 256


  • [#4605, #11912] Water palettes are not updated properly when selected in Object Selection.
  • [#7772] Hacked vehicles may incorrectly not mark a vehicle object as in use causing accidental removal when remove_unused_objects is used.
  • [#9631, #10716] Banners drawing glitches when there are more than 32 on the screen at once.
  • [#11438] Freeze when shrinking map size.
  • [#11484] Console output does not properly return to column 0 after line ending.
  • [#12895] Mechanics are called to repair rides that have already been fixed.
  • [#13048] Keyboard mute button interpreted as C key.
  • [#13102] Underflow on height chart (Ride measurements).
  • [#13234] Incorrect vehicle mass after using Remove All Guests cheat.
  • [#13236] New ride type appears as new vehicle type in research.
  • [#13257] Rides that are exactly the minimum objective length are not counted.
  • [#13334] Uninitialized variables in CustomTabDesc.
  • [#13342] Rename tabChange to onTabChange in WindowDesc interface.
  • [#13427] Newly created Go-Karts show “Race won by ”.
  • [#13431] [Plugin] UI disabled widgets can still be interacted with.
  • [#13454] Plugins do not load on Windows if the user directory contains non-ASCII characters.
  • [#13466] “Build 5 roller coasters” excitement corrupted in Park window.
  • [#13469] Exception thrown from plugin in context.subscribe.
  • [#13477] Plugin widget tooltips do not work.
  • [#13489] Mechanics continue heading to inspect broken down rides.
  • [#13510] [Plugin] list view scroll resets when items is set.
  • [#13574] Crash when a JSON object does not set originalId.
  • [#13832] Players last action position is invalid on opening/closing a ride in multiplayer.
  • [#13937] Pathfinding gets confused when two entrances/exits from the same ride are on top of each other.
  • [#13961] Animation for Guests sliding down Spiral Slide is missing on close zoom levels.
  • [#14012] ‘Finish 5 roller coasters’ goal is listed incorrectly in scenario selector.
  • [#14095] holding down [-][+] buttons does not decrease/increase number of circuits.
  • [#14225] Desync when “allow early scenario completion” is enabled.
  • [#14247] Scenarios from RCT1 allow hiring too many staff.


  • [#6022] Allow up to 128 ride objects to be selected in track designer.
  • [#12917] Changed peep movement so that they stay more spread out over the full width of single tile paths.
  • [#13386] A GUI error message is now displayed if the language files are missing.
  • [#14193] [Plugin] Add TileElement union type and use it in Tile interface instead of BaseTileElement.
  • [#14193] [Plugin] Add exact type field to each TileElement, add type field to WidgetBase.
  • [#14193] [Plugin] Change single quotes to double quotes in openrct2.d.ts.


  • [#13423] Built-in explode guests cheat (replaced by plugin).
  • [#14186] Network traffic window (replaced by plug-in).

Version number0.3.3
Release statusFinal
Operating systemsWindows 7, Android, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
License typeGPL