Software Update: NewsBin Pro 6.56

While version 6.60 is still being worked on, a stable version from the 6.5x branch of NewsBin Pro has also appeared. With this program files such as photos, videos and programs can be retrieved from usenet. It has everything you would expect from a usenet downloader, such as support for multi-threading, ssl and autopar. There are also extensive filter options and an optional Usenet search service can be used. This release fixes an issue that could cause the program to crash.

Configuration Changes:

  • You may need to adjust your server settings upon upgrade if you are running with multiple servers. Servers with priority 1 get used first. If multiple servers have priority 1, they will be used an equal amount of time. Set fill servers to 2 or more. The higher the number, the later it’ll be used. If you have one or more priority 1 servers, any servers set as priority 2-10 will only be used if all priority 1 servers fail.
  • Download list conversion from 6.42 or prior may take awhile if you had a large download list. It will happen the background without feedback. If Newsbin won’t connect, go get a cup of coffee and come back later.

Bug Fixes in 6.55

  • Fixed crash issue that might happen when processing headers in the background (importing GZ’s.)

Version number 6.56
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website DJI Interprises, LLC
File size


License type Shareware