Telecom Agency: switch to 5GHz with slow WiFi

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The Telecom Agency foresees that problems related to network speeds can be solved if more people switch to the 5GHz band. Users should switch to this by adjusting their router’s settings.

More than half of wireless network users in residential areas and city centers suffer from poor connectivity because the 2.4GHz band is overcrowded and networks on this band interfere, according to the Telecom Agency. In total, 20 percent of the measurements at 180 locations in cities and residential areas showed that the connection was ‘poor’ to ‘very bad’.

“Especially in shopping centers, the levels of interference and the number of active networks are extremely high. On average, more than 50 access points were found, causing major performance problems on the 2.4 GHz band,” writes Strict, which conducted research on behalf of the Telecom Agency. wifi network problems. In addition to the increase in data use and the number of access points on the 2.4 GHz band, the researchers cite the growth of WiFi repeaters as a cause.

The connections on 5GHz were much better, the researchers found. Of the data throughput tests, 91 percent were given ‘very good’ and 9 percent ‘good’. The researchers therefore recommend using the 5GHz band as much as possible if users of dual-band routers suffer from slow 2.4GHz connections. In addition, the researchers recommend investigating the options for reducing the transmission power. The researchers advise against offloading data on public hotspots to relieve 3G and 4G networks, as providers have researched.

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