Intel shows SSDs with NVme interface for consumers

Intel has shown SSDs with an nvm express bus that are intended for gaming and other high-end applications. This successor to SATA runs via PCI-e 3.0 and has been specifically developed for SSDs.

Intel showed prototypes of the SSDs at the Pax East event, which took place last weekend. Details about specifications are not yet available. The prototypes consist of a PCI-e card and a fairly thick 2.5″ SSD with SATA Express interface, with storage capacities of 1.2TB and 400GB respectively.

The NVM Express interface is the successor to SATA and uses PCI Express interconnects. The standard should ensure low latencies and take full advantage of the parallelism of solid state memory. An Intel spokesperson told Gamersnexus at Pax East that the real-world speeds are about four times faster than SATA 600, which offers real-world sequential read speeds of up to 550MB/s.

The official introduction of the new drives will follow in three weeks, according to the promo page with counter that Intel has put online.

Image: Newegg TV.