Software Update: NetLimiter

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Locktime Software has released version of NetLimiter, the first stable release of the 5.x series. With this program all incoming and outgoing network and internet traffic can be monitored. In addition, it is also possible to indicate per application whether it may be connected to the Internet, the maximum bandwidth to be used and a quota can also be set. A standard license costs twenty dollars, or thirty for two years. The changelog since version looks like this:


This is the first final release of NetLimiter version 5. Many thanks for your support, suggestions and bug reports, that you sent us after the release of version Version 5 brings, among other features, support for domain-based rules and new blazing fast traffic Stats system.

We also released a new website with a new shop and most importantly, with a new subscription based licensing model. More about the licenses, registration and what changes for current version 4 users can be found in this article.

Last few months we mainly concentrated on this new website, new shop and all it details. Thanks for your support and patience. From now on, we plan to focus more on new features like control of thru-going traffic (which will be released soon) and other improvements. We also plan to do more frequent updates, to get any fix and new feature to users as fast as possible.

New features

  • Many translated texts added

Fixed bugs

  • Client could not be occasionally stopped while Close in Tray selected.

NetLimiter – Testing

New features

  • Stats are loaded asynchronously
  • Custom time active in Stats
  • Minor internal changes

Fixed bugs

  • Possible client app process hang-up in memory on exit.
  • Zero value for first sample in Traffic chart.
  • Minor fixes in DNS cache

NetLimiter – Testing

New features

  • Connection History asynchronous data loading

Fixed bugs

  • Connection History/Stats crash with huge data density
  • VirusTotal more intelligible messages
  • Log messages with bugged escape sequences
  • Domain name resolver not running
  • Many minor problems

NetLimiter – Testing

Domain based filters

You can create domain-based (textual names of internet addresses – like “”) filter. You can control (block, limit) traffic going to/coming from internet based on full or partial domain names.

Statistics database

New database system. Much faster, more robust and reliable. Supports domain names for IP addresses.

Stats UI

With faster database system more useful data are displayed. Tools to investigate every data transfer anomaly are present. With a few clicks you can

traffic chart

New traffic chart… more efficient and reliable.

Thru-going traffic filtering (not included in this release)

Now you can control internet traffic going through your machine (when using ICS or similar methods).

Virus Total support

If you have VT account (even free one), you can inspect any file connecting (as displayed on NetLimiter’s Activities) to the internet for possible malicious intentions.

Priorities (in development)

More accurate priorities based on total internet connection speed.

Many internal changes

Lots of much less visible, but still important improvements and fixes.

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Locktime Software
File size


License type Paid
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