Software Update: Media Jukebox 9.0.78 beta

Media Jukebox is a program that allows you to play different types of media files in a single window. Version 9.0.78 beta is the last known release with the following changes from the previous version:


1. Fixed: After a “remove tags” command, Media Jukebox could still think that the file had an internal image.
2. Fixed: MJ would always show “Updating Media Jukebox database…” when opening.
3. Fixed: Download Manager would occasionally fail to download list files.
4. NEW: Favorites can now be renamed, and dividers can be added to the list.
5. NEW: Handheld Synch will remember selected Playlists.
6. Fixed: Some CD burners would fail in the middle or end of a track with error 112, “No additional sense information.”.
7. Changed: System info condensed.
8. Fixed: Improved support for external burners (USB, Firewire).
9. Fixed: CD burning would sometimes error out right away with an error “sending cue sheet”.
10. Fixed: CD burning with TDK drives sometimes proceeded very slowly.
11. Fixed: Erase CD/RW option was disabled on options menu.
12. Fixed: Listening to button was displaying registration info.
13. Fixed: Fixed couple of missspellings.
14. NEW: Added feature to autofind Media Servers on a local network.
15. NEW: Added option to disable autofind feature.
16. NEW: Media Jukebox can now display cover art from Media Server.
17. NEW: Media Jukebox can now play images from Media Server.
18. Fixed: YADB track submission used playback settings instead of decoder settings. (wrong priority, ran DSP, etc…)
19. Changed: Album grouping or cover art is no longer disabled for “My Computer” view.
20. Fixed: Right-click and toolbar “Favorites” didn’t always stay synchronized.
21. Fixed: HTTP files could crash MJ in a “filename” browser scheme.
22. Fixed: View schemes and view scheme groups at the root level were not sorted together.
23. Changed: Added a different icon for view scheme groups than for view schemes.
24. Fixed: With file properties in “windowed” mode, the search bar was covered by the list.
25. Fixed: Playing Now was not being saved between sessions.
26. Fixed: Hairstyle does a better job of keeping the keyboard focus.

Version number 9.0.78 beta
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Media Jukebox
file size


License type Shareware