Software Update: KDE 3.0.5

For a while now KDE 3.0.5 can be downloaded on the FTP of† This new version of the K Desktop Environment contains some important bug fixes and updates compared to 3.0.4. For example, the HTML engine has been improved. The list of changes and information about this release are here to find. The FTP site contains the source code, RPMs for RedHat 8.0 and SuSe packages. The list of changes is not very big and includes the following fixes:

  • KHTML : Fixed several crashes and misrenderings.
  • rlogin.protocol: fixed command execution in specially crafted urls
  • KAddressbook: Don’t squeeze columns on startup/properly restore column width settings
  • lisa, reslisa: Fixed several security vulnerabilities
  • Cervisia: Show long lines in diff view always completely.
  • bugfix in output tool-view for Linux Red Hat 8.0: jump-to-error feature works again
  • another bugfix in output tool-view for SuSE 8.1 (German translation): jump-to-error feature works again
  • Version number 3.0.5
    Operating systems Linux, BSD, Linux x86
    License type GPL