Software update: Kerio Connect 8.2.0

Kerio Technologies has released version 8.2.0 of its mail server software. Kerio MailServer, available for Windows, Linux and OS X, allows you to send and receive email via pop3, imap4 or wap. In addition, the built-in virus and mail filters fight malware and spam messages. User data can be entered into Kerio, but also retrieved from Microsoft Active Directory or Apple Open Directory. With the Kerio Outlook Connector it is possible to use Microsoft Outlook 2000 and higher on the workstations.

This release includes support for iOS 7 and BlackBerry 10, the ability to delegate email sending and receiving, and several improvements to CalDAv. More information is in the release notes to find. This is the changelog for this release:

Kerio Connect

  • Improved interoperability of Out Of Office replies by using a sender email address.
  • OpenSSL library upgraded to version 1.0.1e.
  • Added delegation for Microsoft Outlook (MS Windows, OS X).
  • Improved stability of engine.
  • Added support for multi-user / group chat in Instant Messaging.
  • Added support of attachments synchronization for BlackBerry 10.
  • Decreased CPU usage during CalDAV synchronization.
  • Better handling of task requests in Outlook for Mac (EWS).
  • Added Sender Anti-Spoofing security feature.
  • Added DomainKeys Identified Mail feature.
  • Improved stability of search engine.
  • Added ability to subscribe to other domain users folders/calendars in MS Outlook for MAC.
  • Fixed LDAP search in folders with special (national) characters.
  • Solved problem with automatic update of 64-bit version on Linux.
  • Fixed Instant Messaging server statistics.
  • Fixed problem with Instant Messaging server, when double domain renaming.
  • Many small improvements in Instant Messaging server.
  • Fixed syncing tasks issue for some Samsung phone.
  • Fixed stability issue during starting/stopping server.
  • Fixed stability issue during recovery process.
  • Fixed stability issue in IMAP server for deep search query.
  • Fixed issue with task synchronization in MS Outlook for MAC.
  • Fixed issue with changing permissions in delegation in MS Outlook for MAC.
  • Fixed issue with losing Public folders in iCal/Calendar.

Kerio Connect client

  • Added possibility to change mail preview
  • right/bottom/none.
  • Calendar inbox was redesigned.
  • Added size of message to list of messages.
  • Delegation support.
  • Added possibility to hide folder tree.
  • Added possibility to sort emails.
  • Added possibility to chose default calendar for event creation in calendars.
  • Added possibility to relogin to server without losing context.
  • Added possibility to select folders for synchronization for CalDAV and CardDAV clients.
  • Usability of calendars was improved.
  • Improved speed of listing folder tree.
  • Improved compatibility with some invalid formatted emails.
  • Improved stability on Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed problem with HTML signature.
  • Fixed Safari problems with national characters in attachment name.
  • Fixed highlighting or some special URLs.
  • Fixed problem that users cannot change their Default and Special Reply-To addresses.
  • Fixed problem with links inside html email.
  • Fixed issue with missing original email address in the forwarded message.
  • Removed limit for auto reply size.
  • Fixed issue with creating new event by scrolling in Calendar.

Kerio Connect Administration

  • Added new page about System Health
  • CPU and Memory information.
  • Added new tile of System Health to dashboard.
  • Added Password Policy.
  • Added password generator.
  • Added possibility to make bookmarks (save direct URL) to administration pages.
  • Improved behavior of dashboard tiles.
  • Added Instant Messaging activity to charts.
  • Fixed user interface for antivirus settings when software maintenance expired.
  • Fixed issue with no visible users in mailing lists.
  • Fixed issue of exporting SSL server certificate bigger than 8 kB.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)

  • Added support for delegation.
  • Added support for Salesforce for Outlook (versions 2.2.0 and 2.2.1).
  • Added option to demand trusted server SSL certificates.
  • Improved stability of Kerio Outlook Connector.
  • Improved detection of type and name of attachment (for invalid email).
  • It was impossible to modify filter rules in 64-bit KOFF.
  • Kerio Outlook Connector sometimes couldn’t connect to Connect via an Apache 2.2.16 Reverse Proxy.
  • Gmail and Hotmail displayed incomplete sender name for mails sent by Kerio Outlook Connector.
  • Fixed detection of changes in Public folders.
  • Kerio Outlook Connector was not reporting disconnected status when Connect is down.
  • Fixed problem in notes conversion.
  • Improved search for short words.
  • Fixed issue with imported ics file in Outlook not populating to server.
  • Fixed problem with flag color synchronization in Outlook 2013
  • Fixed synchronization issue with private contacts

Version number 8.2.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012
Website Kerio Technologies
File sizes

193.32MB – 409.62MB

License type Shareware