Software update: jIRCii beta 33

The jIRCii program is a fully Java-based IRC client, suitable for a Windows, Linux or Mac OS X environment. Support for DCC/CTCP, IRC over SSL and multiple server connections is available. You can also use sleep, a Perl-like language, to adjust everything to taste. The developer recently released the thirty-third beta version with the following changelog:

jIRCii beta 33:

  • added support for ISUPPORT numeric 005. This information is available as a hash scalar via &getSupportHints();
  • PREFIX variable from ISUPPORT is used to map user modes on channels
  • added a hasmode predicate ie if ($nick hasmode $channel)
  • added a &getModeFor(“nick”, “#channel”) to return the mode display character that nick has on #channel
  • fixed bug with perform on connect not firing on servers with no MOTD – Elly
  • added a $channels variable which is available inside of the QUIT event/set
  • /me now works in a DCC Chat
  • added an option to View -> Options -> IRC OPtions to disable auto update of internal address list on channel join
  • optimized the drawing of text selection a little bit. you might not notice, but I did spend 3 hours on it.
  • updated &addTimer to interpret parameter as a sleep closure
  • added “reconnect.time” property (set to 5s by default). this variable controls how long jIRCii sleeps between attempted reconnects.
  • personal idle timer is now reset even if the on input event is stopped
  • fixed clickable URLs not working with “”
  • array index operator can now be applied to HOES expressions ie

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Mac OS X

Version number beta 33
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS
Website jIRCii Resource Center
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)