Software Update: BitSpirit

ByteLinker recently released a new version of its BitTorrent client BitSpirit. The update has been given version number and is from here to download. The torrents can be managed from one main screen. In addition, the program allows the user to schedule torrents as required and possibly shut down the PC when all torrents have finished sharing. The changelog of this release shows what has changed:

bug fix:

  • error on “Check downloaded file” which will lead to data lost when the single file size is beyond 2GB.
  • “Seeding (Fast Check)” function would be invalid occasionally.
  • less returned connections in some UDP Tracker.
  • problem with Torrent Builder that cannot generate torrent file.
  • enable to check rest disk space in NTFS dynamic volume.
  • other minor bugs.


  • rewrite language module, speed up loading at starting BitSpirit.
  • added auto check of disk cache in “Setting Wizard”.
  • added prompts in some options that would affect application performance or downloading speed.
  • integrated extend to Education Network in BitSpirit (for China only).
  • rewrite connections patch to tcpip.sys againest Microsoft Windows XP SP2.
  • adjusted optional block size in Torrent Builder from min. 32KB to max. 16MB.
  • otherdetail.


Version number
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website BitSpirit
File size


License type Freeware