Software Update: iTunes Library Updater 1.2

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With the help of iTunes Library Updater it is possible to add music files that have not been ripped and/or purchased via Apple iTunes to the iTunes local database. The program can also ‘manage’ one or more folders so that new files are automatically added to the database. In this way, these kinds of music tracks can be played via iTunes and put on the iPod. The latest version of iTunes Library Updater has version number 1.2 and can be downloaded by clicking this link as a zip file containing an installer. The program can only be used on Windows and comes with the following release notes:


  • Changed – A slight GUI refersher and it now runs using the .NET framework 2.0.
  • Fixed – Reintroduced case sensitivity in the extension pattern fixed.
  • Fixed – A few issues, which are not worth to be listed separately


  • Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0. You can get the .NET Framework from the WindowsUpdate page.
  • iTunes for Windows v4.9 or later (tested up to iTunes 6.0)

known issues

  • Mouse cursor doesn’t change when hovering window borders.
  • iTLU will crash if you remove ITLUEngine.dll from the program directory.
  • iTLU will deadlock if you remove iTunes.dll from the program directory.

Features on the 2do list

  • Synchronizing playlists (*.pls, *.m3u) with iTunes
  • Translation to other languages
  • Some other things that iTLU users suggested.

Things that can’t or won’t be fixed

  • An exception may occur if you don’t run iTLU from a local drive. This behavior depends on your .NET framework security settings.
  • If an audio CD was inserted while using iTLU, iTunes may show a CDDB dialog asking you to import the CD information. The update process will be interrupted until you close the dialog.


Version number 1.2
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website itunes library updater
File size


License type Freeware
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