Software Update: ExifTool 11.53

Phil Harvey has released version 11.53 of ExifTool, a stable release. ExifTool is a free and cross-platform program that allows the metadata of a large number of files can be managed and edited. It works from the command line, but there are third-party solutions available that allow it to be used with a graphical user interface as well. Since version 11.50, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in version 11.53:

  • Added support for the new tags of the Exif 2.32 specification
  • Added a new SamsungModelID (thanks LibRaw)
  • Added warning if extracting ZIP file contents without the -a option
  • Added ability to extract EmbeddedVideo from the trailer of Android JPEG images with the ExtractEmbedded option
  • Decode timed GPS from Cobra Dash Cam AVI videos
  • Decode a new GoPro tag
  • Enhanced -struct option to allow extraction of structured Torrent Info
  • Improved error handling when an unexpected terminator is encountered while writing a QuickTime-format file
  • Renamed one of the Nikon Saturation tags to “SaturationAdj”
  • Removed warning message when writing FujiFilm RAFVersion 0240 and 0261 files
  • Fixed encoding problem when writing some QuickTime UserData tags with strings containing special characters
  • API Changes:

Changes in version 11.52:

  • Added a few new Nikon CropHiSpeed ​​values ​​(thanks Hayo Baan)
  • Added a new Nikon LensID (thanks Yves)
  • Fixed problem where reading a large, corrupt AIFF file may could take an excessively long time
  • API Changes:

Changes in version 11.51:

  • Decode Canon DistortionCorrection tags
  • Removed a minor EXIF ​​warning when processing EPS files with a DOS header
  • Fixed bug which caused an error when rewriting some EPS files multiple times

Version number 11.53
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Phil Harvey
License type Freeware